05/20 Doco Club Instructions

05/10 D1 Magazine Template

05/05 E2 Magazine Requirements

05/03 May Planning Calendar

04/05 Magazine Assessment Sheet

Must have links for D1:

02/17-18 PBS Episode 1 PDF

02/17-18 NatGeo Declaration of Independence Reading

01/26-27 Pyongyang Reading Guide 4

01/20-21 Instant MUN North Korea

01/18-18 Pyongyang RG3

01/12-13 Pyongyang RG2

01/06-07 Political Spectrum

12/10-11 The Mexican Fisherman

12/04-07 Freakonomics Ch 3

12/02-03 Econ Bead Activity

11/19-23 Cultural Essay Graphic Organizer

10/28-29 Socratic Seminar Assessment Tools
Download only if you are a leader of the Seminar!

Download if you are everyone else, i.e. not a leader of the Seminar!

10/15-16 Barnga Reflection

10/13-14 Nacirema

1.How does Body Ritual Among the Nacirema help us understand our own view of other cultures and how we are viewed by other cultures?

2.Why do some of the practices and rituals of other cultures seem odd or foreign to us? How do our own cultural norms affect our understanding and perception of other cultures?

3.What assumptions do we make about other cultures? What are some examples of practices in other cultures that we find odd and hard to understand? (For example, arranged marriages, eating and preparing unusual foods, ritual body piercing, rites of passage.)

4.What techniques can we use to notice when we are making assumptions about others, and how can we avoid this?

08/31-09/01 Maslow's Hierarchy Understanding Table

08/26-27 Maslow PDF

08/24-25 SS Home Learning

08/14 The Remnants Scenario Parameters